Our Story

Founded by Wes Gruber and Jon Winer in 2017, Onion River Consulting was created to bring top level solutions to small- and mid-size organizations looking to solve challenges ranging from strategy creation to fractional CTO leadership, webapp development to cloud infrastructure migrations, and product management to team resource augmentation. By bringing together decades of experience at all levels of technology and non-technology businesses, ORC was purposefully built to provide clients with thorough and holistic solutions that comprehensively consider their ideas and implement solutions that are intelligent, scalable, and most of all, valuable.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Wes Gruber  Founder, CTO
Mike Jenack  Director, Business Development & Client Success
Olivia Johnston  Principal Product Manager

Wes Gruber

Founder, CTO

With 20 years of experience in the IT industry, Wes Gruber has built and scaled numerous teams from the ground up, establishing new disciplines and best practices in startups and mature organizations. Wes has led the creation and management of local and offshore teams, trained teams in Scrum and Agile practices, mentored teams and technical leaders, and continues to be a passionate advocate of DevOps practices, cloud solutions, and scaled systems.

Wes’ motivation for boiling complex problems and systems down to their essential components in order to create actionable plans is a core value of his and a pillar of Onion River Consulting.

Listening to the latest Tiny Desk concert, playing piano, experimenting with the latest kitchen gadgets, and getting outside and connecting with nature stimulate Wes when he's not consumed with analyzing complex systems.

Mike Jenack

Director, Business Development & Client Success

Mike has spent the past decade analyzing and implementing enterprise technology solutions for internal stakeholders and external clients in the global healthcare, digital & traditional grocery, and consumer packaged goods industries. From organization-spanning ERP, CRM, and portfolio management solutions to digital marketing and end-to-end eCommerce software, Mike has earned a reputation for finding creative approaches to ensure projects are delivered and organizations are prepared for the changes.

From his RIT education through executing projects for Fortune 500 companies, understanding the strategies behind decisions has driven him to ensure outcomes help businesses grow and optimize.

Outside of the office you can find Mike traveling the world and standing on top of mountains with his dog, Murphy - if they aren’t already checking out the local music and food scenes.

Olivia Johnston

Principal Product Manager

Olivia has spent her career designing and managing scalable mobile and web applications for many of North America's largest grocery and digital retail chains. A Rochester Institute of Technology alum, she believes complex software solutions are most valuable when distilled into simple, client-focused, and elegantly developed products.

By implementing and iterating on core product management processes, Olivia's teams work through actionable, feedback-driven plans to ensure technical visions are brought to life.

When Olivia isn’t reading about the latest roadmapping techniques you can find her sipping on a maple latte and planning the next travel destination.


Company Values


Foster the Spark

A new idea can grow when its urgency is nurtured and promoted. Committing to listening and approaching problems differently kindles the spark of growth.


Teach and be Taught

Everyone has something to teach you. We learn from and teach through the interactions we have and the people we collaborate with. Embrace continuous improvement in all opportunities.


Be Human

Celebrating the human spirit creates happy, healthy people and happy people bring creative, innovative solutions to life.


Passion for Excellence, Because it Matters

Determination is that feeling when by all other standards the job is done but you strive for something more; “acceptable” is the starting point and “exceptional” the destination. Excellence inspires raving fans and loyal collaborators.


Creating Value is the Foundation

Value is created by making a difference. Evaluate how your actions make an impact, move the needle, affect the bottom line and be part of something bigger.


Our Advisors

We believe continuous learning is key to continuous improvement - and that we learn best when we surround ourselves with trusted advisors. We appreciate their experiences and honest candor in helping us stay true to our mission.

Here are the brilliant minds that help us excel.


Jon Winer

Kristin Winer

Jesse Kunicki

Richard Westman

Rick Ross

Eric Allard


To learn more about who we are and how we can help leverage our experience to meet your needs, reach out!